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IntelliJ IDEA on Linux

The following script installs a JetBrains IDE on any Debian based Linux distro. To download it, simply run wget


# We need root to install
if [ $(id -u) != "0" ]; then
    echo "Elevating to root..."
    exec sudo "$0" "$@"

# Prompt for edition
while true; do
   read -p "Please select from one of the following choices:
   [1] IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
   [2] IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition
   [3] PyCharm Community Edition
   [4] PyCharm Professional Edition
   [5] CLion
   [6] WebStorm
   [7] RubyMine
   [8] PhpStorm
   [9] DataGrip
  > " CODE
   case "${CODE}" in
       1 ) CODE=IIC; IDE=idea; break;;
       2 ) CODE=IIU; IDE=idea; break;;
       3 ) CODE=PCC; IDE=pycharm; break;;
       4 ) CODE=PCP; IDE=pycharm; break;;
       5 ) CODE=CL;  IDE=clion; break;;
       6 ) CODE=WS;  IDE=webstorm; break;;
       7 ) CODE=RM;  IDE=rubymine; break;;
       8 ) CODE=PS;  IDE=phpstorm; break;;
       9 ) CODE=DG;  IDE=datagrip; break;;

echo "Installing $IDE..."

# Prepend base URL for download

# Get location header for file URL
HEADERS=$(wget -qS --max-redirect 0 --spider "$URL" 2>&1)
LOCATION=$(echo "$HEADERS" | tac | grep -m 1 "Location: ")
FILE_URL=$(echo "$LOCATION" | sed 's/.*Location: //')
VERSION=$(echo "$FILE_URL" | sed -En 's/.*\/(.*).tar.gz/\1/p')
echo "File to be downloaded: $FILE_URL"
echo "Latest stable version: $VERSION"

# Set install directory

# Check if latest version has been installed
if [ -d "$INSTALL_DIR" ]; then
   echo "Found an existing install directory: $INSTALL_DIR"
   echo "$VERSION may have previously been installed."
   while true; do
       read -p "Would you like to reinstall? (Y/N) > " REPLY
       case $REPLY in
           [yY] ) echo "Reinstalling $VERSION..."; break;;
           [nN] ) echo "Aborted install."; exit 1; break;;

# Set download directory

# Download binary
echo "Downloading $VERSION from $FILE_URL to $DEST_DIR"
wget -cO ${DEST_DIR} ${FILE_URL} --read-timeout=5 --tries=0
echo "Download complete."

# Overwrite installation directory if it exists
if [ -d "$INSTALL_DIR" ]; then
   echo "Removing existing installation in $INSTALL_DIR"
   rm -rf ${INSTALL_DIR}

# Untar file
if mkdir ${INSTALL_DIR}; then
   echo "Extracting $DEST_DIR to $INSTALL_DIR"
   tar -xzf ${DEST_DIR} -C ${INSTALL_DIR} --strip-components=1

# Grab executable folder

# Add permissions to install directory
echo "Adding permissions to $INSTALL_DIR"
chmod -R +rwx ${INSTALL_DIR}

# Enable to add desktop shortcut
# DESK=/usr/share/applications/${IDE}.desktop
# echo "[Desktop Entry]\nEncoding=UTF-8\nName=${IDE}\nComment=${IDE}\nExec=${BIN}/${IDE}.sh\nIcon=${BIN}/${IDE}.png\nTerminal=false\nStartupNotify=true\nType=Application" -e > ${DESK}

# Create symlink entry
echo "Placing symbolic link to $TARGET in /usr/local/bin/"
ln -sf ${TARGET} /usr/local/bin/${IDE}

# Prompt to launch newly installed IDE
while true; do
   read -p "Installation complete. To launch $IDE, run: $IDE
   Would you like to launch $IDE right now? (Y/N) > " REPLY
   case $REPLY in
       [yY] ) eval ${IDE}; break;;
       [nN] ) echo "Done."; break;;

Next, run chmod 755 && ./ and follow the instructions. Once the chosen IDE has launched, one issue you may encounter is poor font rendering, which can occur on certain Linuxes when running Swing applications, resulting in jagged or broken fonts in the UI and Editor. Here, the best course of action is to use a different font. You can switch your default font in Settings, under the ‘Appearance’ menu.

Override default font

If you would like to see further support for IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, PhpStorm, Clion, RubyMine, DataGrip, et al. on Linux, one way you can contribute is by reporting issues that you encounter on Linux. There is a small but growing community of Linux users, and by reporting issues, you will improve the IDE for everyone. Thanks for reading, and if you have feedback on the install script, please reach out to me!